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Innovation Hub IPRIZE Challenge

Up to 250K in investment for start-ups or a six-month innovators stipend for individuals: are you investigating opportunities or working on business models for the machine economy? Accept the IPRIZE challenge!

The Inogy Innovation Hub is calling for entrepreneurs to lay a strong foundation for sustainable business in the machine economy. Blockchain, machine learning, self-organizing systems, and artificial intelligence are well underway to change our lives in every aspect. That's why we invite start-ups and innovators to build something great with us - on all stages of development. If you're an individual researching, exploring, testing ideas, you're invited to apply for one half-year, 2,000€ per month scholarships in our ecosystem in Berlin. If you're a start-up with market traction in the field, apply for seed investment of up to 250,000€.

At the innogy Innovation Hub, we believe three core categories will be radically affected by this rapid change: our global society, the way we do business and our changing culture characteristics. How will the relationship between humans and machines evolve as we move into the Machine Economy era? We want you to show us.