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Startups & Solutions Showcase

The Showcase will be a celebration of 95 companies competitively selected from around the world for their cutting edge work – a bold display of the breakthrough technologies and startups that will drive change in the clean energy sector and the worldwide economy in the years and decades to come. “Innovation” in this context is not limited to new technology, but encompasses evolutionary progress in clean energy planning, operations, finance, and the business models that are fueling global clean energy deployment. The Showcase will demonstrate that technologies and solutions that we need are at hand today, and that a rising tide of ingenious solutions is in sight. This kind of entrepreneurship raises our collective ambition and give us confidence in our capacity to address today’s most daunting challenges.

General admission to the public is $10 USD; tickets will be sold online and at the door. Ticket prices will be waived for entrants under 21 years old and for people with a valid school ID. If you fall in this category, please check-in at the tent registration table to secure your ticket.