Tangent Eco-Innovation Hub

 TANGENT Eco Innovation Hub is designed as a definitive address for research and developmentin ICT applications, agriculture research, environmental management and renewable energy technologies. The center provides the ideal ambience and work environment for an exclusive community of researchers, renewable energy experts and ICT start-ups and trainees. The center will be complemented by academic amenities, business support facilities and vibrant collective activities that offer optimal opportunities towards the development of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)

The Renewable Energy Business Incubator

The Renewable Energy Business Incubator was established in 2011 and carries out three main activities which includes business incubation for entrepreneurs, support services to renewable energy SMEs, and piloting biomass gasification to electricity projects.  The project development goal is to consolidate local Renewable Energy sustainable enterprises and improve access to clean energy.


 SVCI is a satellite of LACI in Silicon Valley. We use a unique blend of industry and in‐house best practices that increase the success rate at which clean technology companies effectively get to market. We help you to deftly navigate the difficult startup and growth years through a formalized support system, deep bench of expert mentors, strong network of investment capital and market resources, and pragmatic education and training. Stages of companies served: Genesis, Acceleration, Incubation, Growth, Expansion.

Silicon Climate

Silicon Climate creates the ecosystem required to invent the sustainable technologies and innovations of our future. We believe that by leveraging our entrepreneurial skillset, tailoring our advising services and connecting entrepreneurs to resources such as capital, knowledge and talent, we can create momentum around building an ecosystem that leads to an outsized impact on the problem of climate change.