We are at the precipice of a global energy transition. Clean energy is taking root, powered by innovations in renewables, energy efficiency, software, and finance. The shift promises to unlock trillions in wealth and economic development, divert the worst impacts of climate change, and empower billions of people who currently don’t have access to energy.

Our mission

New Energy Nexus works to accelerate the great energy transition by supporting entrepreneurs who are powering the thousands of businesses, technologies, and innovations needed to break open the economic and social opportunities of a clean energy future.

How we do it

New Energy Nexus supports clean, smart, and distributed energy startups worldwide. We facilitate collaboration and innovation among the accelerators, startups, companies, and investors who are building tomorrow’s energy systems. We do this by:

  1. Providing a growing body of online resources for clean energy startups everywhere.
  2. Building a global community of clean-energy accelerators and incubators and providing support to new accelerators.
  3. Connecting startups, investors, utilities, and accelerators through our International Accelerator Bootcamp.



Our team